DTS's Anti-Money Laundering solution for
transactions in both fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

AMLion is a money laundering countermeasure product of AI application, corresponding to the FATF 4th round of mutual evaluations. It functions according to the your needs, and helps you in strengthening your AML / CFT measures.

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WLS(Watch List Screening)

Get your threats accurately pinpointed!

Watchlists consisting of PEPs, OFAC etc. is key to AML process. Watchlists can be broadly classified into two types, lists from third party vendors and your own. AMLion is capable of importing any list you wish to utilize for screening.
Also with AMLion, based on customizable system preset negative words, AI searches the news information and finds negative news which matches with your customer’s information. It is equipped with sophisticated Fuzzy Matching functionality which greatly reduces detection leaks. For alphabetic letters, AMLion detects possible modifiers, roman alphabets and similarities. Fuzzy Matching also supports Kanji-variants.

image of WLS(Watch List Screening) image of WLS(Watch List Screening) image of WLS(Watch List Screening)

CDD/EDD(Customer Due Diligence & Enhanced Due Diligence)

How to really know your customer?

AMLion enables you to automatically assess your customer risks and categorize your customers according to their risk levels, by using the result of watchlist screening, customer’s past transactions, and customer attributes. The evaluation axis of customer attributes (such as occupation, industry, status of the assets etc.) can be defined by each financial institution as per their requirements.
Due to our continuous update to the customer data and watchlists, AMLion would continuously re-evaluate the risk value for the existing customers as well as for the customers opening a new account.
AMLion will make sure that you don’t overlook any of your high risk customers.

image of CDD/EDD(Customer Due Diligence & Enhanced Due Diligence) image of CDD/EDD(Customer Due Diligence & Enhanced Due Diligence)

TMS(Transaction Monitoring Service)

Transaction monitoring through several aspects

AMLion will use not only the past transactions but also the rules set by your financial institution, regarding the transaction frequency (period, number of times), transaction amount (average, total, maximum, minimum), etc. to extract the relevant transactions. Additionally, AMLion will assess your customer’s trends based on the past transactions and automatically detect the transactions that deviate from those trends. This would enable your institution to detect suspicious transactions of your existing customers. With the functions mentioned above, AMLion can perform transaction monitoring, compliant to the latest AML guidelines.

image of TMS(Transaction Monitoring Service) image of TMS(Transaction Monitoring Service)

WLS-R(Watch List Screening Real time)

Blocking illegitimate transactions in real-time

AMLion provides with a real time screening process. As an example, one can screen the domestic and international remittances with customer-provided blacklists. The results of the screening process can be notified in regard to the core banking system used by the customer. Furthermore, this function also comprises of fuzzy matching technology.

image of WLS-R(Watch List Screening Real time)

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