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Business contents

Systems for the Financial Industry

Banking Systems

Banking Systems

DTS has been working on the development and maintenance of systems for major Japanese banks and other financial institutions for many years. Our services include providing basic operating systems, financial security systems, risk management, and interfaces with external systems. DTS has the business expertise and advanced technology needed to provide the kind of high functionality now expected in banking and financial circles. DTS also has the capacity to mobilize engineers capable of handling systems such as call centers, CRM, and DWH, even for urgent and large-scale demand scenarios such as bank mergers.

  • Account systems (deposits, loans, domestic exchange, and foreign exchange)
  • Information systems (CRM, and DWH)
  • International market systems (foreign offices, foreign markets, and financial securities)
  • Risk management systems
  • Dealing systems (exchange, debt, and derivatives)
  • Interfaces with outside systems / alliance systems
  • Draft management systems
  • Call center systems
  • Data exchange between computer centers
  • Online banking

Trust Bank Systems

Trust Banking Systems

Over the years, DTS has been working on the development and maintenance of all manner of major operating systems for Japanese major trust banks, and has top-of-its-class expertise in trust bank operations. In particular, DTS has many operating systemrelatedengineers who are expert in pensions, securities agencies, and debt liquidity.

  • Fixed benefit pension systems (management, investment, accounting)
  • Fixed contribution pension (401K) systems
  • Employee savings plan systems
  • Pension asset investment management systems
  • Securities agency systems
  • Various trust operations systems
  • Debt liquidity systems

Insurance Systems

Insurance Systems

Thanks to our years of experience developing and maintaining major operating systems for major Japanese life insurance companies, DTS has a wealth of expertise in the insurance industry and the way it conducts operations. For future restructuring of the life and property insurance industry, DTS is confident in its wealth of knowledge and capacity to mobilize engineers to meet customer expectations.

  • Group life insurance systems (comprehensive welfare / group term life / medical / group credit)
  • Group pension systems (defined contribution pensions / qualifying retirement pensions / employee pension funds / mutual aid pensions)
  • Individual insurance systems
  • Non-life insurance systems
  • Information systems (sales information / corporate information)
  • Other systems (pension accounting/employee savings type insurance)
  • Various Internet systems

Securities Systems

Securities Systems

Next day settlement (T+1) securities operations require advanced systems designed for highly efficient settlement processing. DTS utilizes its operations know-how which has been built up with trust banks, city banks, and securities companies.

Systems for the Communications Industry

Fundamental Systems for Communications Businesses

Fundamental Systems for Communications Businesses

DTS has the expertise for various fundamental systems which support fixed-network and mobile-network communication business. Thanks to its having developed information systems for all of Japan's major carriers, DTS is able to bring a wealth of expertise to the table when taking on new communications projects.

  • Customer management systems
  • Billing management systems
  • Infrastructure management systems
  • Traffic management systems
  • Gateway systems
  • EAI systems

Network Infrastructure Systems

Network Infrastructure Systems

DTS develops control software for the latest communications systems, such as various Internet and VoIP related server / router systems, mobile communications systems, and intelligent transport systems. Our technical strengths are highly regarded in the industry.

  • Broadband node systems
  • SIP servers for VoIP
  • Network monitoring systems
  • Next-generation mobile phone exchange systems
  • Intelligent transport systems

Mobile Communications Systems

Mobile Communications Related Systems

DTS works on fundamental software and application software development for mobile telephone handsets and various PDA related systems for major communications companies. Since before the advent of i-mode services, DTS has already had the experience of building information transmit systems via mobile phone.

  • Mobile handset control systems
  • Mobile handset application development
  • Development of web sites for mobile handsets

Internet Systems

Internet Systems

DTS has a wealth of experience in the development of Internet systems. For example, before the web and Internet became household words, DTS was already building online lodging reservation systems back in the era of PC communications.

  • Auction site delivery support systems
  • Hotel reservation systems
  • Shopping site system construction

Systems for Public Institutions

Systems for Public Institutions

DTS services for public institutions range from office systemization and rationalization consulting to business application development, and our technical skills in these areas have earned wide acclaim. In keeping with the trend toward electronic handling of local and central government administrative tasks, DTS is developing electronic forms for various applications.

*Our Public Sector Systems Department is dedicated to this field.
  • Pension systems
  • Insurance systems
  • Electronic form systems
  • Public construction bidding and propriety systems
  • Public funds payment systems
  • Taxation systems

Systems for the Distribution and Transport Industries

Fundamental Systems for Retail Trade

Fundamental Systems for Retail Trade

DTS provides unified support for a wide range of operational areas, including distribution systems for the transport industry and store sales management and customer management systems for major department stores and supermarkets.

  • Sales management systems for department stores and supermarkets
  • Sales management systems for the mail-order industry
  • Distribution systems for transport companies

Fundamental Systems for Airlines

Fundamental Systems for Airlines

DTS also works on operational systems that are critical to smooth functioning of the airline industry. Drawing on our unique experience in this field, we build seat reservation systems, aircraft maintenance and operation schedule management systems for major airlines.

  • Airplane seating reservation systems
  • Airplane maintenance and operation scheduling systems
  • In-flight sales management systems
  • Cabin attendant schedule management systems

Multimedia Systems

Digital Consumer Electronics and Digital Broadcasting

Digital consumer electronics/digital broadcast

DTS provides a wide range of technologies for the digital consumer electronics sector in which consumer electronics manufacturers are playing an active role. In addition to developing control systems for consumer electronics activated by mobile telephone, we are also building next-generation-technology systems for such things as IPv6 and digital broadcasting.

  • Digital consumer electronics systems
  • Digital satellite broadcasting systems



DTS works on systems related to mass communications, such as TV broadcasting control systems, and software and broadcasting rights management systems for movie companies.

  • Movie information systems
  • Rental video and DVD management systems
  • TV broadcast station video transmission control systems

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

ERP Solution Systems

DTS provides high-level support to help customers reform their operations into an integrated system, with enterprise resource planning (ERP) forming a core part of the solution. DTS thus provides a broad spectrum of services, from system planning and up-stream ERP-based consulting to system development and operation support

Rather than simply install ERP packages, we first consult with the customer to fully understand their business activities, and only then do we undertake steps towards system integration. During the consulting stage, we hammer out precisely how the customer's business activities should work. Based on that determination, we then implement an appropriate system that will foster innovation and help reform business practices.

Naturally, DTS services go well beyond high-level consulting. Our company values encompass the notion of responsible support, a principle we apply whenever we build system environments, perform installations, or provide added functionality through complementary systems. Given that our solutions center on the de facto SAP R/3 standard, and that we have special expertise in the personnel and management accounting areas, it is a little wonder that we achieve such high levels of customer satisfaction.

Services Provided

  • Consulting for installation planning
  • System environment construction services
  • SAP R/3
  • Peoplesoft
  • Add-on system development services
  • Post-installation system operation and maintenance services
  • Systems management for personnel management, financial accounting, management accounting, inventory and purchasing management, and sales management
  • Financial accounting
  • EIP/EC linkage

Solutions Handled

  • SAP R/3, mySAP.com®
  • Peoplesoft
  • SCAW

Network Integration

Network Integratio

DTS provides integrated development of information system foundations, ranging from client PC installation and upgrading to the design and construction of networks and servers. DTS is able to provide total support going beyond applications, from infrastructure construction to post-installation maintenance.

  • Network design, construction, and maintenance
  • Server design, construction, and maintenance
  • Client PC installation and upgrades