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  3. Protecting Personal Information

Our privacy policy.

  1. DTS assigns a person who is responsible for the handling of personal information, and DTS exercises proper management for the acquisition and use of personal information.
    1. When acquiring personal information, the purpose of using the information is clearly stated to the person in question, and his or her agreement is obtained prior to acquisition—except in cases where laws and ordinances exempt such disclosure or when the purpose of use is announced beforehand.
    2. When personal information is used, it is only used within the scope of the stated purpose of use.
    3. When personal information is obtained from a customer through a contracted business, it is used within the scope of the contract, memorandum, or other governing document.
    4. When personal information is included in outsourced operations, controls similar to those at DTS are mandated in the contract, memorandum, or other governing document.
  2. DTS complies with the laws, regulations, policies, and other norms regarding personal information existing in Japan.
  3. DTS takes preventative measures against leaks, losses, and damage to personal information. DTS takes rapid corrective measures whenever a problem arises.
  4. DTS respects the rights of individuals regarding their personal information.
    1. When there is a request from an individual for information disclosure, correction or deletion, we abide by the request within the applicable scope.
    2. A contact point is established to enable individuals to communicate with DTS at any time.
  5. DTS continually improves its system of personal information controls.

Established April 2, 2001
Revised April 1, 2010
Koichi Nishida
Representative Director and President