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IR Policy

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

DTS discloses information in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Law and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Security determined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “Timely Disclosure Rules”). Moreover, even for items where the Securities and Exchange Law and the Timely Disclosure Rules do not apply, DTS provides fair and timely disclosure of information whenever it feels that doing so will aid in investors' understanding.


  1. Web site users should use their own judgment when making investments.
  2. Please understand that DTS bears absolutely no responsibility for investment results.
  3. Of the DTS plans, forecasts, strategies, and statements shown on these web pages, items which are not historical facts are forecasts of future results. These forecasts reflect the opinion of managers and are based on currently obtainable information.
  4. Future predictions and results forecasts are no more than predictions of the future. They are not promises.
  5. Please understand that due to uncertain factors actual results may differ from these forecasts.