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In order to respond to the trust and expectations of customers and society, DTS established a compliance policy which covers all employees and officers of Group Companies, and is working for thorough compliance awareness. Of these, the DTS Group’s Fundamental Compliance Principles and Conduct Norms are noted here. Conduct Norms are the company’s fundamental stance, comprised of detailed norms for employees and managers, but only the basic stance is introduced here.

DTS also installed in each group company an internal reporting system which aims at prevention and immediate correction of illegal and improper conduct.

Fundamental Compliance Principles

  1. We comply with laws, regulations, social norms, and corporate rules
  2. We do not seek profit by improper means, nor conduct ourselves improperly.
  3. We always ask ourselves if we should be ashamed of our actions “as people” and “as members of society”, and strive to judge and act with good sense as DTS Group employees