Special Characteristics and Qualities of DTS

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Special Characteristics and Qualities of DTS

Special Qualities of DTS

Special Characteristics and Qualities of DTS

DTS is a systems integration and comprehensive information services company geared to providing high value-added services. DTS provides round-the-clock support, 365 days a year for all system development and operation stages. Our full spectrum of service ranges from developmental services like consulting, surveys, analysis, design, and development to implementation services like the selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of hardware and software.

Expertise in Business Fields and Practices

Deep Business Knowledge in each Field

Not only does DTS staff experts who know operating systems in and out, but our employees are also expert in the relevant business fields they build systems for. For that reason, we have been entrusted to establish systems for a variety of clientele, including major Japanese banks, the communications sector, distribution centers, and even government institutions. Taking our work a step beyond standard IT engineering practices, we ensure that the systems we build are specifically tailored to each and every customer, allowing for smooth operations in every aspect of workflow.

Broad Range of Technologies Available

Wide Range Technologies

DTS engineers can handle projects of any scope over a wide range of technologies. We routinely provide Client/Server systems, web application systems, infrastructure support systems for buildings, control systems, security systems, and wireless LANs,.

Detailed Support Focused on "After Investment"

Detailed Support Focused on

At every stage of service-whether it be the design, development, or management of a customer application-DTS always looks well into the future, anticipating coming needs and doing what it takes to ensure high customer satisfaction. And we are constantly on the lookout for new ideas to raise our customers' operating efficiency whether through enhanced planning or the implementation of new technologies.

Our high rate of repeat orders is a testament to the satisfaction we provide in this regard.

System Designs Free of Pre-Conceived Notions

Independent System Integrator, Open Proposals

Whenever we make a proposal on system development for one of our clients, we carefully assess the client's environment and situation from various angles. Avoiding pre-conceived notions about what the customer might need, we take every step to ensure that the customer gets exactly what they want and need-nothing more and nothing less.